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relieved, happy about the arrest. the murder suspect arrest. now the sheriff's office is charging mebane with first-degree murder. he is one of two 17-year-olds arrested last week for allegedly killing a d.c. taxicab driver last wednesday. his name was kedar mohammed and he allegedly burned his car on fire in northeast d.c. you're probably asking yourself, what is the connection? how did this come about? we're hearing that someone in the d.c. cabbie murder case investigation tipped off authorities in d.c. and basically said, the suspect is also linked to the murder of teresa bass in waldorf, maryland. and investigators then hooked one the charles county sheriff's department. they sat down. the charles county sheriff's detectives tried to talk to the suspect and he said, you know what? you cannot talk to me. i have a lawyer now. he is all lawyered up. the detectives can't talk to hill. they'll to have build their case inside headquarters and continue to gather evidence.
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over the weekend they searched his home. by the way, he lived in the hampshire neighborhood and they found a gun and ballistics according to investigators. the ballistics of that gun matched the evidence gathered at the scene in waldorf, maryland. this news conference wrapped up eight minutes ago. i'm giving you the details. i'll have more information at 6:00 here on news4. live here with this breaking developing story. i'm shomari stone. news4. >> thank you. disgraced former council chairman kwame brown learn his fate today for pleading guilty to bank fraud and campaign finance charges. his time in police custody is almost up but there is more in store for his sentence. tom sherwood is at superior court with the latest on brown's future. tom? >> reporter: kwame brown was a powerful d.c. politician. but today in two courts, he began paying for his crimes. appearing in d.c. superior court, kwame brown was sentenced
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to probation for a misdemeanor campaign finance violation dating back to 2008. but brown appeared shackled in chain here because earlier, he already had been sentenced in federal court on the felony that cost him his political career. >> step back and give him room please. >> reporter: last week, kwame brown in a few chaotic hours resign as d.c. council chairman and pleaded guilty to felony bank fraud charges. he had forged home loan documents to buy a pleasure boat. he had been using his government office to fax the tony documents. brown was back at federal court tuesday to be formerly sentenced but not before he said he had done wrong because of my own poor conduct. i am not a victim. it was stup. i was wrong. brown's mother and wife left the court without comment. brown was detained to serve one day in custody. his sentence also includes two years supervised release.
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a form of probation. six months of home detention. a 10:00 p.m. curfew and 480 hours of community service. >> he has received a sentence from the court. the court expects that he will abide by the sentence. that meets all of his term. if the curfew is 10:00, he needs to be in at 10:00 so when they turn it on, it goes ping at his home. >> reporter: prosecutors noted he had taken responsibility for his crime, given up his public office and he was cooperating with prosecutors in their investigations. and judge leon said he wanted kwame brown to do his public service, community service out in the public. he said that would be a constant reminder to anyone else who wants to break the law. at the courthouse, tom sherwood, news4. there are new revelations tonight in the scandal that ended the cia career of retired general david petraeus. another top military man has now been dragged into it. nbc's pete williams joins us now with the latest.
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pete, what are we to make of general john allen and his connection or relationship to this tampa woman? jill kelley. >> right, jill kelley is the woman in tampa who first alerted the fbi that she was getting inappropriate e-mails. that eventually led to the disclosure, officials say, of an affair between david petraeus, the director of cia, and paula broadwell. the author of those e-mails. in getting access to the e-mail accounts of both women, the fbi officials say there were e-mail discovered between general allen and jill kelley. now they've been described as inappropriate although general allen's people say that that is a wild mischaracterization. that he occasionally referred to her as sweetheart but it was affectionate. that they were family friends and there was nothing untoward. there is a second element to all this. the pentagon in disclosing all this this morning that there were 20,000 to 30,000 pages, but again, associates of general allen say that that is printouts
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that often include multiple copies of the same e-mail. that they did a new printout every time there was a new e-mail in the chain which greatly they say exaggerates the number of e-mails. there is one other element here. general allen was to have a confirmation hearing to be the commander of the u.s. mission to nato. that is on hold now. >> this whole story. there are so many elements. if you tune in a couple hours after the last time, there is a whole new chain. a defense official told nbc news, in general allen eights case, many were between the general's wife and jill kelley. the woman in tampa, the social liaison and he was just copied on them. what do you make of that in. >> that may well be the case that he was copied. they do say that he did send e-mails to her as well. it appears that both general allen and his wife were e-mailing with her. and you have to remember, she is a person who took on a sort of
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volunteer mission to promote the eels of relationships between all the various military people from different countries who are posted to the command in tampa, and that was her role. according town official protocol officer. >> and not just e-mails. we're hearing about a photo or photos involving this fbi agent that kelley, she initially went to, worried about these harassing e-mails that she thought she was getting from broadwell. >> officials say this agent was a friend of jill kelley. they had met many months before all this came about. that months before, like six months before she initially complained about getting abusive e-mails from a woman who turn out to be paula broadwell. remember, she made that complain in may. so months before that, officials say that this agent sent her a shirtless photo of himself as a joke. a gag. they also say he was not involved in the investigation. that he was an outsider really, and that that may explain his
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frustration. he is the one who actually called republicans late last month to say, hey, there is an investigation going on on the cia director. they must be sitting on it for the election. the cia is clear saying no, he didn't know what was going on. >> in some ways, the details are coming out ahead of the context. >> i think there's a lot to that. that's right. i think what you'll see, look. i don't know what will happen next. i certainly couldn't have predicted what happened this morning. >> no one could. >> but i am told that at least people who seem to know here say this is about it. i think what we're going to see a lot more of in the next 24 to 48 hours is reporting on who were these women? who was paula broadwell? who was jill kelley? what kind of people were they? >> will they see people testify on the hill? >> two issues the hill is interested in. for them the most pressing case is the attack on the american in benghazi. general petraeus was to have testified on thursday. there's still interest from members of the intelligence
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committee to get him to testify. remember, that was not to be a public session. so whether he will appear this week or whether it will be later, members of the committee are determined to have him testify. they say he was running the cia at the time and he took a trip to libya to gather additional facts and they want to know what he has to say. whether there will be a hearing about how the fbi handled it, this being congress, you can count on it. whether paula broadwell testifies, i wouldn't put any money on that. >> thank you so much. speaking of members of congress, they're returning to capitol hill today with the job of trying to keep america out of a new recession. republicans and democrats have seven weeks to avoid the fiscal cliff. about 600 billion in tax increases in spending cuts is set to go into if he can on january 1st. leaders of both parties are standing firm so far. president obama wants to preserve tax cuts for the middle class. house speaker john boehner says
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higher tax cuts on the wealthy will slow job growth. experts say compromise may not be reached until the final hours of this year. plans are in the works to prepare pennsylvania avenue for the inauguration. this morning the d.c. department of transportation announced repaving will begin tonight and last ten days. that project will take place during the overnight hour. then affect pennsylvania avenue between third and 14th streets. it will cost about $2 million. the inaugural parade will be held on january 21st. it felt like january out there this morning. the temperatures dipping enough to create some sleet. >> kind of wild for a time. doug kammerer is in the weather center with more on what we can expect next. doug? >> we heard so much from this. yes, we saw sleet. that is frozen rain drops that come down. sleet is what will bounce on your car, freezing rain is what will fall as rain and then freeze on your car. once again, fits bouncing, it is
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sleet. that's what we had out there. you can see the radar picture showing the rain and sleet making its way through the area. right now that is out of here. take a look at the radar. right around between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning, around 10:00. notice yellows, oranges, and the reds. the sleet shows up a little differently. that is not rain to the south and west baltimore. that is actually some sleet being picked up by the radar. 47 in washington. 36 back toward pittsburgh. it is going to be a cold night tonight. i'll show you just how cold we get overnight and what's coming up next for the weekend. >> thank you, doug. nearly two dozen schools will be shutting down in the district. a consolidation plan was unveiled today by the school chancellor. 20 schools will close across the city. only wards 1 and 3 are not affected. most of the schools set to close are in wards 5 and 7. chris gordon is in northeast d.c. with the reason behind these closures. >> reporter: it is all
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enrollment. this high school is historic. it is overlooking bening road in northeast washington. at the end of the academic school year, when it ends, next spring, it will close. >> the student enrollment is relatively low and it is the only d.c. high school scheduled to be closed. the ronald h. brown middle school in northeast is also on the list of schools that will take effect next school year. and nearby at smother elementary school, parents who pick up their young children were surprised by the news that this school which was recently renovated will soon be closed. >> i'm shocked. my children have been going here for two years and my daughter just started here. and there was no notice saying that this was the school that was supposed to close. this is crazy. >> if that school closes, where
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will my son go? how will he get transportation? >> reporter: what grade is your son? >> first grade. >> i just transferred my daughter here because this is the closest school to where we live. now this school is closing. where is she going? >> reporter: most of the d.c. public schools on the list scheduled to be closed are east of the river. five are located in ward 7, represented by councilmember yvette alexander. >> it is really a disappointment. i look at the bigger picture as to why our schools are so under enrolled. why the performance is not at peak for our young people. and we need to look at why are so many parents choosing to send their children out of boundary and not go to the neighborhood schools. >> reporter: most of the 20 d.c. public schools on the chancellor's list will close in 2013 to 2014. except a couple whose students have special needs. they're expected to remain open
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an additional year. that's the latest live in northeast washington. chris gordon, news4. we're just getting started here on news4 at 5:00. the international agreement that could help stop smart phone thefts in the district and our suburbs. a woman who drove on a sidewalk to pass a stopped school bus to serve a very unusual punishment. and why the specialty pharmacy linked to a
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the massachusetts specialty pharmacy at the center of a meningitis outbreak was on the radar of federal health inspectors for nearly ten years. congressional investigators say the fda wanted to close the new england compounding center in 2003 but regulators decided to keep it open. steroid injections made at the pharmacy have been linked to hundreds of meningitis cases all over the country. more than 30 people have died and hundreds more were sickened from the tainted shots. tonight we'll meet one woman trying to solve her community's health problems one patient at a time. her name is jackie bradley and she opened a health clinic in
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the basement of a southeast d.c. church. a one woman full service clinic with a different approach. >> it is important for patients to know that you care. >> reporter: some might say jackie bradley does a bit more than care for her patients. the nurse practitioner said she spends more than 30 hours a week treating people at this tiny clinic in the basement of a church. that's on top of her job at kaiser permanente. >> we are here to provide good health care. but the next step is letting them know that you have a personal relationship with them. >> reporter: bradley is part of kaiser's community ambassador program which places nurse practitioners and physician's assistants in some of the most vulnerable areas. places where health care is lacking and people are suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, kidney disease and high blood pressure. people like terry young. bradley's first patient. >> i happened to lose my job and i have a condition that i have
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to be on my meds every day. >> reporter: she heard about bradley through word of mouth. with bradley's help, found a way to get her medication at a much lower cost. >> i shudder to think what may have happened if she hadn't been brought into my life. >> there is a great need in southeast to have a quality health care available to individuals in this area. and to make sure that they have good access to care when they want it. that's what is most important. access. >> reporter: to offer them that access, bradley said she sees people regardless of their financial status. whether they have health insurance, medicaid or no coverage at all. and she does it all by herself. from booking patients to drawing blood to treatment. >> it sounds like a lot but once you get your rhythm which i finally got, after about six months, it is really not that bad. then the patients really like
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that i'm doing everything for them. >> to have someone as confident, as personable, as caring as miss bradley is in this area is truly, truly a miracle. >> i did what god placed me here to do. which was to be a healer. to serve my community. to give people what they don't have by any means necessary. >> jackie bradley run that clinic in association with the communicate of hopeful it is located at the covenant united baptist church of christ. on the bored he of southwest and southeast d.c., there are 38 community ambassadors in kaiser permanente's program and they're at 18 different clinics throughout our region. if you would like to find out more about the program, you can go to our webb. touching so much limes. great story. >> a one-woman health
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improvement. our weather is kind of wild. i was inside playing tennis inside one of those bubbles and the sound of that sleet hitting that thing was -- it was really dramatic. >> a different sound. you their rain come down. and then all of a sudden, boom, it starts coming down like that. >> i haven't experienced it in quite that way before. >> that's what her back hand sounds like, too. >> i've been on the other end of that one. yes, we did have some sleet earlier this morning. just about everybody got in on the sleet around the metro area and toward the west. we're going to continue to see the cold air filtering in here. and it is going to get chilly as we make our way through tonight. a much colder day today. the high pressure today, rather, high temperature sitting at 50 degrees. right now we're at 47 degrees with the winds out of the north at 15 miles per hour. the winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. that puts our windchill by the way at 41 degrees. many of you are already in the
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30s with the windchill. the actual temperature, windchill at 39. 41 in gaithersburg. yesterday, 72. nowhere near that number today. temperatures, 20 to 25 degrees colder as a result of that frontal boundary. the rain we saw toward the del marva, that's it. here's the shower activity. notice the yellows, the originals and the reds. that's where the sleet was coming through. through washington, baltimore, through the philadelphia region. we did see some mix on the back side of this system as it moves through. what we're really seeing is the cold air. 36 in pittsburgh. 37 that street college. 46 in roanoke and that cold air will be here for the rest of the week. that's unfortunate for many of you enjoying the last couple of days. the other side of the coin, a lot of you loving the cooler weather. it is here to say. rather breezy conditions with winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. those winds will begin to subside. and tomorrow, we're looking at a
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rather cool day. temperatures still, 10 to about, 5 to 10 degrees below average. plenty of sunshine, lighter winds. tomorrow it should be okay. on thursday, i think the clouds move back in. we'll call it mostly cloudy skies and it is going to be quite cool. making your way out of bounces, 37 to 44 degrees. the temperatures will be steadily falling through the evening. tomorrow morning, you're going to wake up to a really cold start. down to 26 and some of the coldest suburbs to around 37 in the city. the coats will be needed. gloves for some. as we move through the next couple of days, 51 on thursday. 55 on friday. and then guess what. >> what? >> we've got another potential coastal storm coming just in time for thanksgiving week. we'll be about that one very closely. right now it looks like it may linger and be here for a little while. we're not talking about any snow. something we'll watch for sure. >> it feels like the hits just keep coming at us. >> thanks, doug. much more ahead.
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a touching story involving a tsa puppy. and the family of the 9/11 victim it was named after. in sports, we'll get inside access to the maryland basketball program from the head coach and the impressive new digs. coming up, swimming sensation katy returns to the pool to face much easier
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talking a little terps basketball. >> there's a lot of excitement. thi things are up. the team was picked to finish ninth in the acc. this year the terps are 1-1. while the future looks promising, it is the past that turgeon is hoping will inspire people for years to come. recently it was a trip down memory lane in the new basketball facilities. >> this is amazing. >> i think maryland basketball is really special. i think it is one of the top programs in the country. there are not many programs that have more tradition than that. and so why not show it off the right way? >> mark turgeon is making sure
5:27 pm
the story of maryland's past is ever present. >> this is our legends hallway. this used to be cinder block and red carpet. and we've added the drywall and of course all the great players. to get on this wall, you have to be first team acc. look at that uniform. >> look how short the shorts were. >> how about the hair? he looks good with the hair. >> what is this room? >> this is our work room. >> the history wall is where the tradition really comes to light. in the hope of inspiring the future. >> this is where we watch our film. i don't know how to do the button. but a screen come down. you look out through the building. we talk about championship preparation. tradition of excellence. tradition of winning. >> what does it mean to recruit? >> everybody we recruit thinks they're going in the nba.
5:28 pm
they think they can get there from maryland. to me it is big time basketball. here's our locker room. each guy has their own private code. so you walk in. you see the state flag and then you see the new m. this is all brand new. this is brand new lockers, brand new carpet. >> reporter: a hidden treasure can be found on the inside of each locker. an ipad. guys can now watch footage of plays they just learned right after practice. >> a huge thing. that's big. >> reporter: what if the other team you're playing are not doing this and they see it. >> we have to recruit them. >> reporter: then you seem happier this weekend. is that true? >> i am a lot happier. i'm more at home. same staff as last year so we understand each other. probably one of the big reason i'm happy is the way the maryland people have accepted me
5:29 pm
from day one. i'm at peace, you know. the first year is hard. you don't know what you're getting into. you never know what will happen this year either. but i like our chances. >> so wait a minute. how is maryland paying for these new basketball goodies with all the budget cuts for other sports? all through private donations. none of this money has come from the athletic department. so these are donations that have been ear mark specifically for basketball. and the coach has done a great job with building a locker room that makes you say wow! >> a good teaching tool. >> the players. he has to feel like a winner in there. >> it is all about recruiting. when you're competing against kentuckies of the world. >> coming up interesting latest effort to get traffic moving on our beltway could signal a costlier commute for all
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drivers. why
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investigators say they have linked the murder of the waldorf woman to the murder of the d.c. taxi cab driver. teresa bass was killed while walking her dog with her
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husband. investigators served a search warrant at 17-year-old joshua mebane's waldorf home after getting a tip from d.c. they say ballistics from a gun found at the house matched shell cases found on the trail where bass was murdered. mebane is in custody in the district right now charged with the murder of a cab driver last week. >> on friday at the detectives were continuing following leads, investigators got the call they were hoping for. a break in the case. while the information sounded good we knew that we had to build from the information and that is exactly what we did. ultimately, through forensic and other investigative measures, we linked joseph mebane to this case. >> shomari stone will have more in a half-hour. a heads up for drivers in virginia. the new express lanes are set to open this weekend. news4's transportation reporter adam has more on the hot lane's
5:34 pm
work and reaction from drivers tonight. adam? >> reporter: well, jim, beltway traffic like you can see here in tyson's corner can get pretty rough. the question a lot of drivers are going to have to start asking themselves, i am a willing to pay to get around it? >> reporter: even though the $2 billion subway express lane project here in virginia won't officially open until saturday, the ceremonial ribbon cut today. a celebration. >> i remember my parents telling me in '63 when the beltway was about to be done, this was a permanent solution for virginia. we know the rest of that story. >> reporter: now a mini beltway inside the beltway between springfield and the dulles toll road. two new express or hot lanes in each direction. the basic idea, you can pay a toll to use the lanes which promised a quick commute even during rush hours or you can start a car pool with three or more people right in the lane for free.
5:35 pm
the road is an all electronic toll road. the toll tacked on to an e-z pass. it is able to recognize car pools. being able to pay a toll to get around congestion. it is an idea some say you should get used to. >> i think what you're starting to see, not just here in virginia but you're seeing it happen nationally and internationally. tolling facilities are the norm. >> reporter: not everyone a fan of the pay a toll to get around congestion concept. this man drove all the way to tyson's just to make his point. >> what you're doing now is pitting one class against the other. this lane, you have to buy your right to stay on the road. >> reporter: there are local drivers who say they won't support it. >> i don't think it is fair. i think the lane, they cost money to build or whatever. not everybody has money.
5:36 pm
>> i live in maryland and i don't live in virginia and i wish them all the best. >> back here now live on the beltway. and there are others that say they will use the express lanes. the average rush hour toll expected to be between $3 and $6 one way. reporting live along the beltway in tyson's corner. adam tuss, news4. a vote is set for saturday on whether to move forward on a controversial new homeless shelter. the county will vote on a new building on north 14th street across from county offices. it calls for the first two floors of the building to be used as a year round shelter to provide services, including housing and counseling. opponents want the county to promise not to house any drug abusers or criminals or other offenders and to provide 24/7 security at the new shelter. the current shelter about a block away has been operating for years with few problems burk the new facility is needed to provide year round help and to
5:37 pm
increase services. an environmental protest outside d.c. superior court today as a hearing got underway. the residents are suing to get an injunction to keep a bus depot from being built in the trinidad ivy city area. they say it will bring hundreds of pollution spewing buses into the neighborhood over the next decade. mayor vin se day one is in the books for the murder trial of a bowie state student accused of killing her roommate. this evening we know the angle the defense will try to take. after the prosecution laid out its case in graphic detail today. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live outside the courtroom in upper marlboro with the latest. tracee? >> reporter: jim, the best way to describe today would be emotional. after closing arguments, they dove directly into very graphic details explaining what happened when this student was killed, at
5:38 pm
times witnesses cried, family members and friends cried, and some folks had to leave the courtroom. today the state began its argument. they painted the defendant alexis simpson as a student with choices. who chose to stab and killed her suite mate. the student dominique frazier. the defense depicted frazier as a bully who tormented her roommate. >> they are portraying dominique to be a bully which i'm not seeing will. >> reporter: frazier died after knife wounds cut her trachea, jugular and knicked her vertebrae, according to the state's opening argument. the state call three witnesses. the victim's mother and two students who witnessed the stabbing, including the victim's best friend. tucker talked about what was going on in the dorm before the stabbing. she said she, the victim, and another young student, were drinking while getting ready to go to a homecoming comedy show. the defense revealed in cross-examination the girl were drinking 1,800 white tequila, 100 proof liquor mixed with orange soda and they had been
5:39 pm
drinking for at least 20 minutes. drinking in dorms is a violation of school policy and the girls were under age. their party was interrupted when alexis simpson entered the suite and turned off the music that was blasting from an ipod. according to witness testimony, a verbal argument ensued, followed by at least two physical fights. the last one ending with simpson dead. tucker testified that, i saw dominique grab her neck. it was a cut on her neck and a lot of blood coming out of it. she stumbled out of her room and out of the apartment. she made it to the r.a.'s apartment and collapsed. this trial is expected to go through thursday. because simpson is out on bond, she went home tonight with her mother. now, if she is convicted, she is looking at a minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. the maximum penalty could be life behind bars without a chance for parole. coming up, the defendant wasn't the only one who had a knife that night. and also, what happened after the victim was killed. we'll have that report again
5:40 pm
coming up at 6:00. reporting live, tracee wilkins. news4. coming up, why some say target is off the mark nts plans to get a jump on black friday
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mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive
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we've had quite the range of
5:43 pm
weather conditions. >> how low will we go to be? >> many of you will wake up to windchills in the low to mid 20s tomorrow morning. so yeah. we've got a little cold air mass making its way in here. and it won't be leaving any time soon. winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. that puts our windchill at 40 to 41 degrees. a very cool evening. that's the way we're going to remain. as far as the temperature go around the legion, 41 in gaithersburg. right now, hungton at 41 degrees. the rain has moved out of the region. we don't expect to see rain again until the day on sunday. we have a little dry period here before our next storm system moves in. the cold air is what we're going to to be talking about. 29 in leesburg and maybe toward culpepper. maybe even the upper 20s. 27 in windchill, 37 in the d.c. area when you wake up tomorrow
5:44 pm
morning. so starting off fairly quiet cold and even a five-mile-an-hour wind will make it feel even colder. so you'll want the coats on. tomorrow afternoon, a little on the breezy side. 10, 15 miles an hour. a high of only 49 in d.c. 47 in gaithersburg and 48 in manassas. that is about ten degrees below average and that's where i think we'll stay the rest of the week. five to ten degrees below average on thursday, friday, and saturday. we'll talk about partly to mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow we'll see plenty of sunshine. the clouds will come in. and then we'll look toward the weekend. toward sunday, monday, and possibly tuesday for yet another coastal storm. we'll talk about how strong that storm could be coming up over the next couple days. one thing i can tell you, there is almost no cold air with that storm. at least cold enough to change anything to snow. so i'm not worried about snow at all with this one. >> okay. thank you. d.c. police captain calls it her number one priority.
5:45 pm
reducing a violent epidemic of smart phone robberies. it now reaches outside the borders of the district and the united states. >> reporter: the resolution signed in a formal ceremony at federal communications commission headquarters in south washington called for bose u.s. and mexican cell service providers to refuse to activate any stolen cell phone. d.c. police chief kathy lanier who was invited to speak said the effort could prevent bloodshed. >> i represent really the victim who i have many names and faces in my mind when we talk about this, who have either lost their life or had their life significantly changed because of a senseless act of violence for somebody who wanted to take a phone. >> reporter: chief lanier said crimes involving the theft of cell phones, smart phones, and other portable electronic devices has increased 54% since 2007 after hundreds of arrests failed to make a dent, the focus
5:46 pm
turned to taking away the profit. >> i have never seen a crime in 23 years i've been doing this, take off the way this did. and just shoot through the roof. >> reporter: fcc chairman jan cowsky noticed two weeks ago, the u.s. carriers finally banded together to create a central database to track stolen devices and prevent them from being react vatd. >> as a result of the agreement we're announcing today, when a cell phone is stolen in the u.s., not only can it be deactivated from use on any network in the u.s. it won't be able to be activate in mexico either. >> reporter: there are no statistics about how many phones stolen in the u.s. end up in mexico and vice versa. jackie bensen, news4. coming up at 5:00, an update on a touching story involving a tsa bomb detecting puppy name after a 9/11 victim.
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i'm liz crenshaw. is black friday slipping to thursday, thanksgivi
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there is some news involving kevin clash, the elmo volunteer accused of having a sexual relationship with an underaged boy. it appears the accuser is taking it all back. the attorney for the accuser release ad statement saying his sexual relationship with clash was dultd and consensual. clash released a statement saying he is glad it was put to
5:50 pm
rest. yesterday he took a leave of absence from the sesame street show when the allegation was reveal. 18 months ago, a group of puppies began training to become tsa bomb sniffing dogs. they're all named after one of the 3,000 people who died on 9/11. and one of them stood out. his name is dolan. he is the 500th puppy to go through boot camp at lachlan air force base in san antonio. today he is all grown up and ready to graduate. he was name after navy captain bob dolan who died in the pentagon attack. he also worked in bomb detection. dolan's wife and daughter were so moved by the project they traveled all the way there to be there for the graduation. >> hello, baby. do you remember me? oh, my gosh. do you remember me? yeah. that's rebecca. >> i'm really proud when i tell people my dad was the bomb guy. i think he is continuing his
5:51 pm
work. >> oh! >> dolan and his handler are headed for a new assignment in maui along with two of his classmates. great shot. more people are expected to travel for thanksgiving this year and tsa announces its latest security guidelines. >> plus more holiday shopping sales. they're starting earlier than ever. how far can this go? every year we think it cannot go any farther. >> we're going to start with thanksgiving travel. today aaa announced it expects more than 43.5 million people to travel 55 miles or more from home. that's up slightly from last year and thanksgiving travel is up for the fourth year in a row. aaa says most people will drive. it reports gas and lodging are about the same price as last year. airfares are down. and rental car costs are up. regardless of the cost, it is not anticipated to keep people home on thanksgiving. >> the bottom line is in terms
5:52 pm
of a family event, the biggest holiday of the year. and while people are still paying attention to what they're spending, when it come to choices, carve turkey with family and friends still trumps pinching pennies. >> okay. if you plan on flying, the transportation security administration says it is ready. today the tsa said it is expecting 24 million people to fly during the thanksgiving holiday. the tsa reminds travelers not to show up with wrapped presents. security will unlikely have to unwrap them. foods such as pies and cakes are permitted but they require further inspection. remember the 311 rule for those carry-on liquids. three ounces or less place in the one quart-size zipper bag, one per person. tsa has implemented an expedited prescreening for known travellers and active duty service members, as well as a modified procedure for children
5:53 pm
and people older than 75. >> we have focused on developing and implementing nam of what we call risk-based security initiatives, of things enabling us to provide the most effective security and the most efficient way. >> okay. now on to holiday shopping. if you are a black friday fanatic, now you can choke down your turkey and head to the stores before the leftovers even get cold. some stores are starting their black friday sale on thursday evening. yes. thanksgiving day. target will open its doors at 9:00 people. thursday, walmart. toys "r" us and sears say they will open at 8:00 people. k-mart is getting the jump on everyone opening at 6:00. it is closing its doors at binn dinner time so you can start your day at kmart and have some turkey and then run home. >> do you know how it feel when you spend all that time preparing the meal and it gets eaten like that? >> yeah. >> like they haven't quite fmd turkey and they ask for the pie and then they ask you if they
5:54 pm
can go shopping? >> that is in your house too, huh? >> there will be no shopping on thanksgiving. rearen't the only ones not happy about that plan. many at target aren't happy about it. more than 179,000 workers have signed an online petition asking target to reconsider. workers say thanksgiving is a timer to that f timer, is a time for family and not shopping. she said only a third of all employees will work on thanksgiving and they will get bonuses for doing so. >> maybe a turkey or something. >> dinner at the store. >> yeah. >> oh, boy. coming up at 5:00, a woman who drove on a sidewalk past a who drove on a sidewalk past a
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review.
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5:57 pm
today an ohio woman serve what had some may call a humiliating sentence for driving on the sidewalk to avoid a stop school bus. a judge forced her to hold a sign essentially calling her an idiot for her actions. nbc's katie into with the judge and a nearby daycare provider on this unusual sentence. >> reporter: the video is so damage, it speaks for itself.
5:58 pm
watch as 32-year-old shinya doesn't even pause as she veers right and drives up on the sidewalk to bypass a school bus stopped to pick up disabled students. >> she comes through 7:30 every morning. she goes around the school bus every morning. >> reporter: harden was caught on tape by the school bus driver. fed up with watching her put herself and his kids in danger. harden's reasoning? she apparently did not want to wait. >> clearly the handicapped boy cannot run across the street. there is a factory across the street. >> reporter: that was harden's mother in accept explaining why her daughter's maneuver was not all that bad. we spoke with the director of the neighboring daycare center soon after the video surfaced. she showed us how precarious harden's escape route could have been. >> if we had to evacuate the building, we would have to come through this door. this door here to come out of the building. and if she is coming up on the
5:59 pm
sidewalk, well then there is the danger right there. >> reporter: a cleveland immune it is pal court judge agreed, sentencing harden to a $250 fine and actual penance. ordering her to stand on the street corner and hold this sign, both today and tomorrow. it reads only an idiot would drive on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus. >> chances are, had she shown some remorse, maybe i would not have given her that extra part of the sentence. >> reporter: neither harden nor her lawyer would talk to nbc news about the sign. but in court the disgraced driver offered an explanation for her impatience. >> the previous bus driver, not this guy. >> reporter: monday we spoke with the daycare director, this time about the judge's order to make harden wear an idiot sign. >> you don't think it is too

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